Testimonials/ Reviews

You can tell the store makes customer service a priority because the employees are always happy to help. The store is well organized and cleaner than the one I usually go to.               -Shana A. 

Carly provided a very professional haircut for $7 (added a $5 tip) .. my hair is somewhat unruly and she did a very good job. Also there is another person (male) who gave me a haircut there (while Carly was in a team meeting right before closing time) - sorry I do not remember the name, his haircut was excellent also (tip added also, thank you).   -Tim B

The students are so nice and did a wonderful job !"

I graduated in 2017, I would recommend this school to everyone! Very judge free zone!  I could be myself, and ask any question without feeling stupid . Thank you CI!

I actually felt right at home the first day of class, everyone was so nice and helpful! The instructors are amazing, they showed me different techniques until I actually got it! This school was sooooo amazing!

The clients are so nice. They were actually very understanding when I dropped my color bowl .