Our staff reflects a small close knit family, educators will be here to meet all of your needs and to guide you trough every step of the way. Not only do they possess a wealth of experience, but they are also committed to the success of their students.



Andrea has been in the industry for over 20 years, Started instructing in 2010 and started directing in 2012. Andrea is an extensions specialist, but her passion is teaching. "At a young age I always wanted to teach and always loved hair marrying the two was the best". Andrea's goal is to reach every student to give them the tools they need to flourish and grow. 

Always remember your a walking billboard for your future business.

 Be your best you because everyone else is already taken. 



Kristin has been an instructor for 10 plus years. Kristin enjoys life and is a very energetic people person who can brighten a cloudy day, and always goes out of her way to ask how your day is going. She is a Color specialists, and is amazing at teasing hair. She seeks to actively engage students and incorporate creative hair styling.

Be yourself because an original is worth more than a copy



Coming from the beauty industry her mom is a licensed nail tech and Cosmetologist. Tabitha her self has been in the hair industry since 2009 and has been a licensed instructor since 2016. She loves to make people feel good about their hair and skin. Tabitha specializes in men's hair cutting styles, and loves learning new cutting techniques. Skin care has been a long time passion of hers, and is working on becoming a skin care specialist.

Practice doesn't make perfect it makes Permanent.